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Lumens isn’t whole story for led headlights bulbs

Lumens isn’t whole story for led headlights bulbs   Lumens isn’t whole story for led headlights bulbs   Lumens isn’t whole story for led headlights bulbs   Browse : 201   Time : 2019-5-11

Did you know, that if you had a headlight with the highest lumens but poor lux and CRI, you would essentially have an LED headlight that was bright but you couldn’t see a darn thing at night? LEISHEN is the ONLY LED headlight bulb manufacturer that has engineered, tuned, and measured for the other 2 critical factors (Lux and Lumens) that allow for great LED headlights.

Advanced color index (CRI) allows for brighter output with the same lumens- Supported through the actual chipset quality and design and enhanced with a quartz glass arc glass vs silicone sealed glass arc lens 

Lux- the light output against a particular distance as opposed to the source (Lumens)--Our new led allows for 30% better LUX output than version one. Many cheap kits claim huge lumens but far poorer lux because the light never reaches the right distance.

Stunning LED Output- NOT at the expense of Lifespan

There is a reason our new LED’s chipsets on average cost 4x as much as any competitors are using.

LEISHEN uses proprietary LED Chipsets that was customized to engineered specs SPECIFIC to automotive applications.

As far as our extension research has shown us, no other led headlight brand uses led chips that are engineered specifically for automotive use. Which means things like output, ability to withstand automotive environments, and throw distance we’re not even considered.

Another Hidden Truth- Nearly all of the cheap led headlight kits sold on online marketplaces have OVERCLOCKED their chipset to hit lumens> increases heat> kills lifespan exponentially. Why do they do this? To deliver that ever enticing cheap price that consumers crave.

All New Roden™ LED Driver- Redesigned inside and out to take advantage of the LED Chipset. Crafted aluminum ridges that ensure the new Driver Chipset maintains 

optimal operating temperatures. A reminder than nearly half of LED Headlight failures come from everything but the LED Diode themselves. Claims 50K hrs- actually 1000hrs or less (even far less in closed headlight environments)

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