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Does LED headlights bulb have an effect on the electricity of a automobile like the halogen bulb?

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  If it’s an older bike without some form of conditioning component on the electrical system. Be careful. Most ‘filament’ bulbs (halogen, etc) can merely get variable resistor or brighter once the voltage from the generator changes, therefore as you rev the motor, your lights glow a touch brighter. However, LED’s, being electronic, don’t react well to being fed extra juice, or not enough. this is often why after you upgrade lamps on Associate in motorcycle, the mechanic will also fit a ‘line conditioner’, which is basically a small circuit board, much like a battery, that soaks up any overvoltage and also adds voltage if the output from the charging system drops low. Granted, if your voltage variances are too severe, then you’ve other issues.

most LED lamp arrays use less power (but place brighter light) than group lamps. They conjointly last plenty longer than filament bulbs (they cost more, however sometimes it’s a one-time expense, rather than replacement bulbs on every occasion they conceive to blow out). therefore it’s a win-win as long because the charging system isn’t hostile to physics.

Analog distributor caps or “points” tend to arc a bit as the rotor turns and switches where the juice goes, and when electricity arcs, it emits radio frequency static as well as light, heat, and noise.RF propagates rather well via metal, that the wiring harness tends to show into associate degree antenna.This noise can affect electronic components. A line conditioner fitted to an older bike can reduce or eliminate RF inductance from your ignition system. However, the line conditioner along with some shielding around the ignition wires themselves ,basically cuts off the RF frequency variations before they reach the electronic components themselves.

So, don't worry. Change halogen bulb to be LED headlights.

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