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How the five indicators to directly determine your led headlight bulbs price?

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The same led headlight bulbs, why the price so much difference?                                                                       

The structure of LED lamps mainly includes the following parts: lamp beads, heat sinks, power, fans, main boards, shell, lenses, wires, etc. 

LED price differences are mainly in the following aspects: 

  1. Lamp beads


LED lamp beads are on the market at different prices. Why are some of the lamp beads sold cheaply lower than cost? In fact, there is a tricky inside.

First of all, its material is definitely the worst.Consumers can't find it when purchase. Only after using the problem will slowly be exposed.

Secondly,increase the power. Originally, the normal power of the lamp bead may be only 1W, and the power is added to 3W, which is beyond the scope of use. The initial brightness is very high, but dark in a few months.

Thirdly, the virtual standard power, the standard is 3W lamp beads, in fact, but only use 1W or 0.75W lamp beads 

2. Radiator


Bad lamp heat dissipation directly affects the lifespan of lamp bead.Many lamps on the market are equipped with small and very thin radiators,or do not install radiators to save cost.

Without a radiator, how lamp can work stably? 

3. Power supply

Some use low-cost power does not fully power the rated power.The transformer and power volume of good brand power supply are relatively large, and the overall appearance is full and full of texture; the component arrangement and production process are relatively good, and the overall look is clean and beautiful.

The low-cost power supply design can cut corners, prevent surges, rectify and filter, stabilize the flow, save the province, and completely ignore the safety and stability of actual use. 4. Motherboard

4. Motherboard


There are two types of drive boards on the market, one is a constant voltage drive board and the other is a constant current. The constant current motherboard has high stability and the price is twice of constant voltage.

Most of the low-cost led headlight bulbs use a constant-pressure garbage board. When the temperature of the lamp body rises, short the lifespan of LED lamps. 


 Enclosure Low-cost led headlight bulbs use some impurity aluminum die-casting or thin aluminum or even plastic casing, which has low cost and very poor heat dissipation conditions.

If price lower than the market, carefully confirm whether the parameters described by the supplier are true or not. How can they guarantee quality?

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