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LED headlight bulb need a lens or not?

LED headlight bulb need a lens or not?   LED headlight bulb need a lens or not?   LED headlight bulb need a lens or not?   Browse : 458   Time : 2018-12-28

LED headlight lens

The three most elements of LED headlight bulb are Brightness, spotlight and installation. It is necessary to obtain satisfactory brightness under the condition of low output power, good beam pattern,  it is easy to install and easy to dissipate heat.

The bowl can effectively make good light type; but the space light source is not good for spot light, the xenon lamp is more difficult than the LED for spot light . because it is the arc light after the high-pressure inert gas in the quartz tube passes 

the current, similar to lightning.

This lens focuses the scattered light, and the light and directivity are better, and finally we get the light type we can use at night.


Pros and cons of lenses

1. Although the lens is just a convex lens like a half glass ball, when the light passes through it, it will be lost due to its internal structure. Compared with the lamp without lens, no matter what brand or lamp you are, it will lose 30%. The brightness of the left and right, and after a long time, the lens will generally be filled with dust. The old lens in the laboratory test can only reach 40% of the original brightness! And it is difficult to clean up.

dust cause light loss

2. For LED headlight lights, its illumination mode is not like xenon lamp. As long as the industrial design is excellent ( like Leishen LED headlight bulb ), its illumination is close to the point-like illumination. The light bowl can guarantee the light type and parallel injection.

3. There is almost no light loss in the lamp bowl without the lens, so the brightness of the LED headlight bulbs in the lamp bowl can be maximized value

4.Since it is a convex lens, it is difficult to avoid that it has a focusing effect, and it may burn to the inside of the lamp assembly, such as a material such as a burn lamp decorative panel.

Therefore, if you are using a xenon lamp, you must use a condenser lens, and you must use a lens; but if you use LED headlight bulbs, it will bring waste and light loss and unsafe factors.

If the original car is a light bowl, you can directly replace the LED light bulb. If the original car is a lens, you need to select a special lens-specific product. 

Because the light-emitting principle is different from that of the light bowl, select the LED for the ordinary reflector lamp bowl. The effect will be greatly reduced and shadows will appear

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