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Spotlight is most important for led headlight

Spotlight is most important for led headlight   Spotlight is most important for led headlight   Spotlight is most important for led headlight   Browse : 368   Time : 2018-12-25

The LED headlight are designed to make driver’s vision clear and safe to drive, so brightness and spotlight to throw light long distance are very important.

Different LED lights, even with the same lamp bead, why the result of the final illumination is completely different?

The traditional halogen lamp concentrates very well, because the principle of the halogen bulb is that the tungsten filament illuminates and the light originates from a central point, which is what we call "point illumination". The point source is condensed through the refraction of the lamp bowl. Photographing it in front and spreading it on the road surface ensures that we have enough visibility in front.


Although the old light bulb is much less than the LED light, but the light shape is good.

The LED lamp bead is different from the halogen bulb. It is just a three-dimensional surface. The emitted light is only a single side, about 140 degrees, which is what we call "space illumination."


Traditional LED lights can only cover 140° light-emitting surface.

"point illuminating" and  "space illuminating", the principle of illuminating is different, the angle of refraction is naturally not as concentrated as the point source. If the manufacture is not professional, the refracted light is not only loose, but also interferes with each other. When you look at the lights outside the car, it is super bright, but when you are sitting in the car, you find that the road ahead is black, or one area black and  one area white. Such a LED headlight is dangerous driver.


Even PHILIPS put several lamp beads together to make a 360-degree glow, it still can’t solve the problem. 

We reduced the aluminum substrate and the intermediate heat-dissipating part of the LED lamp bead as thin as possible, and reduced the distance between the lamp beads from the original 3-4 mm to the current 0.6-1.0 mm without affecting the heat dissipation.



When the distance between the beads is shortened to the extreme, the light pattern is infinitely close to the point illumination.


We use a schematic to show the difference between the two.The lefe one is close to effect of the halogen

Moreover, the thinning of the center point is also the only principle of concentrating technology in the world. It has greatly improved the refraction effect of the light source, and is close enough to even achieve the light-type effect of the halogen bulb.

What is the difference? Let's take a look at the comparison effect chart:


The Leishen Cut-Off

First up we have the cut-off. This is arguably one of the most important features of a dipped beam headlight and stops you blinding other traffic. Because this is a projector headlight it has a very defined cut-off. All dipped beam headlights have a cut-off but some are less sharp than others.

The Leishen Step

Then we have the step. The step is part of the cut-off and enables you to see further down your own side of the road without blinding the oncoming traffic. Because we drive on the left in the UK the cut-off is higher on the left. If this was a headlight unit from the rest of Europe or the USA the cut-off would be higher on the right.

The leishen Hotspot

Finally we look at the hotspot. This is where the bulbs light is most concentrated and its position in relation to the cut-off is very important.


The cut-off, step and hotspot from some brands like above.



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