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How to Change Your LED Headlights Or LED Tail Lights?-Zhongshan Leishen Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd

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LED Headlights bulbs

1. Open the engine compartment cover and observe the layout of the car parts on the back of the headlights. If there is not enough space, go to the professional “4S” store to replace it. Determine the headlight model of the car, pay attention to the model of the lower glass lamp of the headlight.


2. Unscrew the lamp cover and note that there are subtle differences in the way the lamp cover is removed due to the different models.


3. Pull out the lamp holder with the power cord. When pulling, pay attention to the hand lamp to avoid damage.


4. Release the lamp holder to remove the lamp and reinstall the new lamp. The process of loading is the reverse of disassembly, and will not be repeated here. Be sure to screw it when reinstalling the dust cover to prevent the headlights from being affected by rain and dust.


LED Taillight bulbs

1. Open the trunk lid, cut off the power of the vehicle, clean the luggage compartment, and leave room for replacement.


2. Remove the dust cover on the back of the lamp. Most of the lights are the bulb and the lamp holder are integrated.


3. Identify the lights that need to be replaced, press the rotating handle on the back of the lights and unscrew them. Replace the new lights and pay attention to the model and color of the lights.


4. Install the vehicle lights and dust board. Generally speaking, the disassembly and assembly work of the taillights is relatively easy, one working space is large, and the second structure is relatively simple.


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