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The relationship between auto LED bulb brightness (LM) and actual power (W)

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Three aspects of auto LED bulb: circuit design + LED lamp material (light source chip) + different socket.

Chip: Everyone knows that there are COB, high power, and different LED packaging processes. Like the COB, the spot illumination of the patch is converted into surface illumination. The focus is on the brightness of various chips. Because brighter than the original car is very important

Different light source brightness: 

Common patches are: 3528, 5050, 5730, of which 3528 has gradually been eliminated in the led lighting industry.

Brightness: The brightness of a single lamp (single lamp bead) in lumens. 

First: 3528, single lamp 3.5 to 7.5LM;5050, single lamp 17 to 18LM; high power, 35-55LM.

Of course, the price of the corresponding light source will be different. The better the brightness, the more expensive the price. For example, Taiwan's wafer chip, the US CREE chip, as well as Osram, Samsung, these are relatively well-known chip manufacturers.

2, The socket:

The LED lights with the same shape (light head) can be made into different sockets, just replace the base. For example, the 21W light source high-powered lights on the market are the same, but there are many different bases.

3, Circuit design:

For a simple example, many people like constant current and wide voltage LED headlights. This is the circuit design. Years ago, LED lights are not divided into positive and negative poles, plugged in and not lit, need to be reversed. Nowadays, there are no stroboscopic LED lights on the market, through the circuit design, regardless of the positive and negative, the positive and negative plug will be bright. It means constant current, and the light does not flash.

Relationship between brightness of LED lights and actual power (rated power)


On the left side of the figure, the relationship between series and parallel, the whole power is 1.2W, and the whole power on the right side is 3.6W, but the brightness is the same. Therefore, the brightness is no business about power and it is even possible that low-power bulb brighter then high-power .

3. After the single lamp is composed of the LED lamp, the whole brightness and power are judged simply.

1, Rated power:

It is the easiest to judge the rated power. Firstly, look at the overall power of the light source and make it into an LED lamp. It is impossible to make a full load, which will affect the service life of the lamp.

2, The overall brightness:

Judging the brightness LM value, look at the material of the chip, such as the brightness of a single lamp of 5050SMD is so much, the brightness of a CREE is so much, so the simplest is to multiply the brightness of the single lamp. It’s roughly clear with a percentage.

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