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Intelligent auto lights trend : LED headlights will account for about 50% in 2023

error free automotive led bulbs   Intelligent auto lights trend    Intelligent auto lights trend    Browse : 366   Time : 2018-11-27

With the development of intelligent vehicles, smart lights and error free automotive led bulbs have become the trend of the times. According to the data of the Intelligent Lighting Industry Analysis Report of the Foresight Industry Research Institute, it is estimated that the global smart lighting market industry will reach 24.341 billion US dollars by 2020, of which the scale of lamps and related accessories is about 8.71 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 5%, compound annual growth rate of more than 20%. In the domestic market, in 2022, the market size of China's smart lighting industry was about 43.1 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of around 23%.

In order to meet the challenges brought about by new consumption trends and new technologies, and to create more corporate value, in addition to digging into design capabilities, we have also strategically deployed new ones and actively launched joint ventures.

Zhongshan Leishen Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd combines innovative lighting technology with electronics and software technology to develop, produce and market smart lighting solutions for the automotive industry and 

error free automotive led bulbs .


First, the increasing tightening of energy conservation and emission reduction regulations and the increasing popularity of new energy vehicles make led to further improvements in the penetration rate of LEDs with higher illumination efficiency.

Secondly, in terms of intelligence, the headlights that can realize the projection effect, and the intelligent matrix type headlights that can be automatically adjusted according to the road conditions and light at night have been gradually developed, and the sensors are effectively combined, and early warnings are taken in advance. Reduce the occurrence of security incidents.

In terms of personalization and customization, with the upgrading of consumption, the demand for this aspect will continue to increase, especially the arrival of autonomous driving, which makes people pay more attention to the atmosphere of the car. In terms of appearance, the future lights will also present more different shapes and achieve different colors and patterns.

Zhongshan Leishen Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd hopes to shape the future of automotive lighting and improve people's travel. What we want to achieve is not just simple car lighting and error free automotive led bulbs, but how to bring more convenience, comfort and safety to people's travel.


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