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T10 led

NO. LS-T10W-CSP-72W-V1
The instant-on response time. Canbus. Plug and play. No-polarity. Super bright, brighter then 5times of halogen.

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Product Information

What are the benefits of LEISHEN automotive led light bulbs?

Its groundbreaking design is what makes Vision LED stand out. Light output of an LED bulb is not necessarily related to the number of LEDs mounted on the bulb, but it is all about filament position. By mounting the LEDs in filament position, we get the maximum light output on where it needs to be, on the road. This filament position allows us to meet the light output of an incandescent bulb, thus make them street-legal. In addition, due to its design, the LEDs are extremely robust and shock- and moisture proof and capable of handling voltage surges without failure.

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