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  • Fiesta st led fog light bulb
  • Fiesta st led fog light bulb
  • Fiesta st led fog light bulb
  • Fiesta st led fog light bulb
  • Fiesta st led fog light bulb

Fiesta st led fog light bulb

Non-polarity design, easier to install.  Easy installation, just plug & play  Faster on/off response time and vibration resistant      Features affordable price and cost-effective Feature 2 sides and basic performance of LED headlight bulbs Features highest performance, adaptibility and stability The best output of an LED bulb, based on proper optical design and hotspot intensity

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Fiesta st led fog light bulb

Car led headlight bulbs use super bright COB chips,360 degree clear beam no blind zone for safety driving at night. Power: 12W/ set Luminous Flux: 1500lm (750lm/bulb), Color Temperature: 6000K Cool White/3000K/Blue/Red/Yellow.▲Energy Saving 95% when compared to the regular halogen bulbs & has a life span 30 times longer than them, LED headlight lamp above 50,000 hours life time. IP68 waterproof,housing can be work in any water conditions,Operating Temperature: -40-80 degree Celsius


Fiesta st led fog light bulb

All in one model , same as car original bulb , Plug and Play, can be installed in 15 mins

Voltage:12V to 24V.Wide-range voltage,constant urrent control,anti-interference circuit

Built in IC Circuit (Current Regulator)-Prevents LED Damage from Voltage Variations

Full aluminum body and high optical density, Overall structure cooling,Keep constant temperature

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